Rafa Lara

By Iván Vargas

Lara is a Mexican filmmaker in love with Colombia and that interest and commitment to the country is reflected in his first blockbuster. Lara’s movie, happens the reality of the Colombian armed conflict and specifically in the hijack drama.

Mexican director above includes the hit TV show ‘Al filo de la ley’ and directing several documentaries for Discovery Channel Latin America, will also soon debut with the thriller ‘El quinto mandamiento’ and the romantic comedy ‘Labios rojos’. 

Why is ‘La Milagrosa’ a novelty? 

The film was shot on location near Girardot between October and December 2006, La Vega and Bogotá, for Lara was important to make the shooting of the film the places related to the Colombian reality.

 Also, his interest was to capture as many scenarios and acquaintances, as the Director considers “it makes no sense to have done this out of the country.”

 Something that is expected of the film are the special effects, ‘to be something never before seen in an independent production because it will give viewers something never before seen in Colombia in the style of a blockbuster “Lara says.

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